Zeitgeist Update #8


Hello Zeitgeist backers! I just heard from Ron Riddle and his injuries are healed enough that the drum parts for 12 Jumps will be started soon, so that’s some great news! Bill Brasso has also communicated that he has started his open heart surgery rehab and will be drumming again in about a month, so the basic tracks on those artist’s project compositions should be done early January.  The other songs are progressing at a fast pace now with many parts tracked and a lot of activity in the studio nearly every day. It is still a bit ambiguous as to when everything will be done so I hesitate to predict a completion date, we are at least a few months out, but know that the project is still very much on the way to being done. There are progress videos posted in the backstage area of Craftyhands.net if anyone wants to follow along, but warning, there will be spoilers there if you want the music to take you by surprise when done.

The backers who pledged for the art print will be receiving the print in the next few days. Half have been shipped and the rest will go out tomorrow. Thanks to Michael Phipps for his wonderful art and hard work to get these printed and shipped! If you don’t already know, Michael has some really great tees and ties with his original designs so check them out at Scatterbrain.

I wanted to share with you all that the remarkable energy and interest the artists are investing in this project are having a real benefit to everyone involved. Some of us have been away from actively performing and recording for years, and I have been told by several artists that participation in this project has reawakened some wonderful memories and rekindled their love and spark for creating music. Thank you for your support from all of us. I feel many great things will be born of the flame we rekindled here and it could not have happened without you Kickstarter backers.

Frank ~ and all of us in the Zeitgeist


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