Zeitgeist Update #12

Hello everyone,
The project continues to creep along towards completion. We are working on guitar parts now and two of the tracks have all parts recorded except percussion. Mike Beck will be adding his parts after the other instruments are complete so the icing on the cake if you will is scheduled to be the last recording sessions. The third movement to the Perelandra symphonic piece is 90% done (The Golden Feast). Thanks to Peter Princiotto for his help in the arranging. There have been some computer issues arising from the very large track counts and sampled instruments in this composition, but I am working through them.

Along with the ongoing recording the preliminary work on the mix has begun on the completed tracks (sans percussion) and the artwork is also in progress. I believe we are approximately 75% complete now and want to thank everyone for their patience and support.

Frank… and all of us in the Zeitgeist


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