Zeitgeist Update #11

Greetings Zeitgeist backers!

Well, it is with great pleasure that I can announce that one of the tracks is now complete! I know, I know, there is still a lot to be finished up, but this is sort of a milestone for the project. One song, Eleventh Hour, has all of the tracks completed by all of the artists sitting happily in a finished Cubase file, ready for the final mix tweaks.

The other tracks are getting close too…There are only two songs that need drum work, and they are both on the schedule. My best guess is that we are 80% complete and a release date is starting to emerge. I can’t nail it down yet…too many moving targets, but it’s starting to feel like a record is on the horizon…

Thanks to everyone for being patient with me and the crew. The music is just really beautiful in my humble opinion and I am confident you project backers will be pleased. Follow along at CraftyHands.net if you are so inclined.



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