Creating together for 40 years!

Meet the members of the Pedal Giant Animals “Zeitgeist” project team.


Project manager, keyboards, reeds, compositions, engineer

As a music major at James Madison University I had the good fortune to meet Stan Whitaker and Kit Watkins and began what would be a fantastic musical journey that Read More

Guitar, Vocals

Stanley Whitaker is a guitarist, vocalist and composer best known for his work with ’70’s seminal progressive rock group Happy the Man. His sense of humor is evident in pieces like “Stumpy Meets the Firecracker in Stencil Forest” Read More


Born to classical piano teachers in 1953 in Virginia, Kit Watkins studied piano at home from ages 5 through 13. During his teen years, Kit was drawn to rock music and  became a driving force behind a series of local bands, Read More

Bass Guitar

Rick Kennell began his musical career in Indiana at a young age playing alto sax, but not really feeling it. He discovered his first love – bass guitar at twelve – and he Read More


Michael Beck: My initial interest in drums began when I was in the sixth grade in Bloomington, Indiana. I started with metal rods as drum sticks on cardboard boxes and played Read More


In mid-1960 Cliff Fortney hooked up with Rick Kennell and Mike Beck and began performing vocals, flute & harmonica with Zelda. The band had a real thirst for unusual music, Read More


Ron started playing the drums at the age of 8. His early influences were the Beatles and the English Invasion. He started his own band by the time he was eleven. Growing up in the Midwest was both challenging Read More


Few musicians have achieved the broad-based success that David Rosenthal has earned as a musical director, keyboardist, synthesizer programmer, producer, orchestrator and touring professional. Read More

Joe Bergamini maintains a diverse career as a drumming performer and educator. Enjoying various styles of playing, he is most well-known for his progressive rock drumming in the bands Happy the Man Read More


Bill Brasso joined Oblivion Sun in 2009 and played drums on their most recent release, The High Places.  Playing drums for over 40 years, he has worked with several Read More

Bass Guitar

Baltimore native and bassist Dave Hughes holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Boston’s Berklee College of Music with a major in composition, class of 1980. On Read More


Music has been my lifelong passion. From a very early age I loved playing the drums, and have found it a great way for me to grow as a person as well as a  musician. Read More

Orchestration, Bass Guitar, Sitar

Peter’s extensive musical training came first when he played bass guitar in 1972-1974 in the Langley High School Jazz Lab, and in the summers of 1973 and 1974 in the Wolf Trap Jazz Read More


Michael Phipps has always loved imagining and creating. As a child he was surrounded by friends that shared and nurtured his love of drawing and building things, and he spent a lot Read More


Steve has been on the cutting edge of Internet media and communications techniques and technologies since 1994, producing some of the earliest multi-media Read More

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