Campaign Update #7

Mixed news this update

I have some bad news and some good news this update. First the bad: We always used to joke that Happy The Man had a Spinal Tap connection regarding drummers as we never recorded more than one album with the same percussionist! Well, that trend is attempting to manifest itself even after all these years as two of the four drummers are having some problems that will delay their parts for the project. First, Bill Brasso has to have some surgery for a health issue that appeared out of nowhere and Ron Riddle has had an accident that broke several ribs! Both musicians will recover fully thankfully and the delay to the project is unknown at this time as other work continues while they recover.

The good news is that I have recruited two more of my friends for the project! I finally located Dan Owen and he has agreed to do a vocal part on the song “The Approach”. Also bassist/composer Keith Macksoud is going to be co-writing and performing a new avant-garde piece with me for the CD. Look for more details in the “Band” section of the PGA website in the next month or so as I get these guy’s bios entered. This is going to be quite a long CD!


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