Zeitgeist Update #13

As my health status demands more and more time and seems to be chipping away at my physical being, I have fallen seriously behind on the project. Thankfully Bill Brasso has come to my rescue by bringing in some much needed help with the finishing mixes. Robert Scott Richardson of After 7 Studios is taking on the mix and we have finished the Title track, Zeitgeist. I am preparing the next piece for him to start mixing now, and to hopefully offer something to everyone as a token of my thanks for the unmatched patience the first track is now up for free download to everyone at the new site where the album delivery will be hosted. Click here to stream and download the Zeitgeist track, and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me for so long.


Zeitgeist Update #12

Hello everyone,
The project continues to creep along towards completion. We are working on guitar parts now and two of the tracks have all parts recorded except percussion. Mike Beck will be adding his parts after the other instruments are complete so the icing on the cake if you will is scheduled to be the last recording sessions. The third movement to the Perelandra symphonic piece is 90% done (The Golden Feast). Thanks to Peter Princiotto for his help in the arranging. There have been some computer issues arising from the very large track counts and sampled instruments in this composition, but I am working through them.

Along with the ongoing recording the preliminary work on the mix has begun on the completed tracks (sans percussion) and the artwork is also in progress. I believe we are approximately 75% complete now and want to thank everyone for their patience and support.

Frank… and all of us in the Zeitgeist


Zeitgeist Update #11

Greetings Zeitgeist backers!

Well, it is with great pleasure that I can announce that one of the tracks is now complete! I know, I know, there is still a lot to be finished up, but this is sort of a milestone for the project. One song, Eleventh Hour, has all of the tracks completed by all of the artists sitting happily in a finished Cubase file, ready for the final mix tweaks.

The other tracks are getting close too…There are only two songs that need drum work, and they are both on the schedule. My best guess is that we are 80% complete and a release date is starting to emerge. I can’t nail it down yet…too many moving targets, but it’s starting to feel like a record is on the horizon…

Thanks to everyone for being patient with me and the crew. The music is just really beautiful in my humble opinion and I am confident you project backers will be pleased. Follow along at CraftyHands.net if you are so inclined.



Zeitgeist Update #8

Hello Zeitgeist backers! I just heard from Ron Riddle and his injuries are healed enough that the drum parts for 12 Jumps will be started soon, so that’s some great news! Bill Brasso has also communicated that he has started his open heart surgery rehab and will be drumming again in about a month, so the basic tracks on those artist’s project compositions should be done early January.  The other songs are progressing at a fast pace now with many parts tracked and a lot of activity in the studio nearly every day. It is still a bit ambiguous as to when everything will be done so I hesitate to predict a completion date, we are at least a few months out, but know that the project is still very much on the way to being done. There are progress videos posted in the backstage area of Craftyhands.net if anyone wants to follow along, but warning, there will be spoilers there if you want the music to take you by surprise when done.

The backers who pledged for the art print will be receiving the print in the next few days. Half have been shipped and the rest will go out tomorrow. Thanks to Michael Phipps for his wonderful art and hard work to get these printed and shipped! If you don’t already know, Michael has some really great tees and ties with his original designs so check them out at Scatterbrain.

I wanted to share with you all that the remarkable energy and interest the artists are investing in this project are having a real benefit to everyone involved. Some of us have been away from actively performing and recording for years, and I have been told by several artists that participation in this project has reawakened some wonderful memories and rekindled their love and spark for creating music. Thank you for your support from all of us. I feel many great things will be born of the flame we rekindled here and it could not have happened without you Kickstarter backers.

Frank ~ and all of us in the Zeitgeist


Campaign Update #7

Mixed news this update

I have some bad news and some good news this update. First the bad: We always used to joke that Happy The Man had a Spinal Tap connection regarding drummers as we never recorded more than one album with the same percussionist! Well, that trend is attempting to manifest itself even after all these years as two of the four drummers are having some problems that will delay their parts for the project. First, Bill Brasso has to have some surgery for a health issue that appeared out of nowhere and Ron Riddle has had an accident that broke several ribs! Both musicians will recover fully thankfully and the delay to the project is unknown at this time as other work continues while they recover.

The good news is that I have recruited two more of my friends for the project! I finally located Dan Owen and he has agreed to do a vocal part on the song “The Approach”. Also bassist/composer Keith Macksoud is going to be co-writing and performing a new avant-garde piece with me for the CD. Look for more details in the “Band” section of the PGA website in the next month or so as I get these guy’s bios entered. This is going to be quite a long CD!


Campaign Update #6

Project update July 28

Work on all the tracks for Zeitgeist continues here at Crafty Hands Studio and in the individual musicians’ studios as well. We should be ready to start recording drums and bass in about two more weeks. Michael Phipps is starting to mail out the art prints as we have received completed survey responses from all but one backer. If you haven’t responded please do so! Look for something in the mail soon if you pledged at a level that included the art print. Thanks again for everyone’s support!



Campaign Update #5

Surveys will be sent this week

The Kickstarter funds have been released now, and Michael Phipps and I have decided that we will go ahead and ship out the art prints to everyone who pledged at a level including these. I will get the surveys built and sent out to everyone this week so we will have the proper shipping addresses.

Just so you know, I will leave the option to change your shipping address open as long as Kickstarter will allow, but ultimately you are responsible for letting me know if you change your address after completing the survey. You will be able to contact me through the Kickstarter project page. I will also post in an update when that option to change your address here at Kickstarter is ended. So, look for the surveys and complete them! The project is progressing according to plan.


Campaign Update #4

Zeitgeist is funded!

Thank you to everyone! The project has now been funded and we will be able to start production of the Zeitgeist recording! I am sincerely thankful for everyone’s generous support and I am super excited about making these songs a reality. Look for a status report in a couple weeks as our tracking schedule should be organized by then. Thank you again, and keep spreading the word! We would not have this fantastic opportunity without your help.

Frank and everyone on the Pedal Giant Animals project team.


Campaign Update #3

Halfway to our goal!

It seems that we are on track to reach our goal! We are halfway through the 30 day timeline, and a bit over halfway funded. Thank you to everyone who has supported the project! If I could ask a favor of you, could you please share the project link with your friends? This would greatly increase the chances of success in reaching the project goal.

In the studio work is progressing on setting up the initial project files and guide tracks for the musicians. I have also started building a new computer for the Zeitgeist DAW and sample libraries, with the latest and greatest in hardware and software. If anyone is interested in the details of this and other activity at Crafty Hands please visit the studio website, or our YouTube channel.

Thanks again for all your help in making this music a reality.


Campaign Update #2

35% there! New reward added!

Thank you to everyone who is supporting the project so far. I have received some email asking for an “Executive Producer” pledge reward. I am happy to offer this level of support for the ultimate fans. This reward includes all the prior awards as well as a limited edition Pedal Giant Animals Tee shirt, a vinyl copy of Oblivion Sun’s “The High Places” recording, a special page on the Pedal Giant Animals website with your photo and your pledge story as well as your credit as an executive producer on the CD package. Shipping is included for all items. This reward is limited to ten supporters due to space and product limitations.



Campaign Update #1

25% of the goal!

Okay, we have passed the 25% funding mark in just four days so things are looking great! Thanks to everyone who has pledged and is helping to spread the word. I am already working on the tracks in the the studio, fine tuning the compositions so we are ready to start recording as soon as we hit the mark. Bill Brasso is already rehearsing his drum parts diligently! This is an exciting time, and the energy level is through the roof here at Crafty Hands. Please leave some comments on the Kickstarter page… we would love to hear your thoughts on the project.

Frank and all of us in the “Zeitgeist”


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